Game Deals: Xbox One X, Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds, New PS Plus and Xbox Live Gold Games

As we leave the insanely packed month of October behind us, the video game releases are not slowing down much in November. As we get deeper into the holiday season, the deals aren’t taking a break either. There are major launches this week, most importantly of which is Xbox One X. The most powerful console ever is now out, and there are some deals on both the Xbox One X console itself and money-saving bundles with Xbox One X Elite Controllers.

Call of Duty WW2 returns the series to its World War II roots this week as desired by many of its dedicated fans. Even though it is a brand new release in a series not usually known for going on sale very often, we already have a great deal for 33% off the normal price.

Horizon Zero Dawn’s first DLC The Frozen Wilds also releases this week and there are deals on the base game that came out in February, in addition to The Frozen Wilds so you won’t have to spend full price even on the new expansion. In fact, our deals on Horizon Zero Dawn make it and The Frozen Wilds much cheaper together than the upcoming Horizon Zero Dawn Complete Edition.

Both PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live Games with Gold adds new free games to its deals every month. The November games for both services are now live, offering free games for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Vita and even PlayStation VR. Notable free games this month include the stunning art-piece Bound, the terrifying VR pseudo-sequel Until Dawn: Rush of Blood and first-person puzzler The Turing Test.

Check out all of the best deals for this week in gaming: