Session is the Skate Spiritual Successor You’ve Been Waiting for, Demo Out Today

Creature Studios is developing a true spiritual successor to EA’s popular skateboarding franchise Skate called Session. Previously known as Project Session, it seems that the studio has chosen the prototype name as its official moniker. Session is a callback to the skateboarding games of yesteryear that focused on tight, flick-based controls, such as the Skate series.

Session will launch on Kickstarter later this month on November 21st, giving longtime skateboarding game fans a chance to bring back the sorely missed sub-genre of sports games. No pricing or other details like expected launch window for Session has been announced, but we do know what platforms it will come to.

Currently, Session is planned for release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, according to Creature Studios developer Marc-andre Houde. In addition, controller support is being added to the PC release. In fact, a demo is out today that you can check out for free, though, it’s only available on PC as of now. The demo is a small teaser meant to raise awareness and hype for the upcoming Kickstarter.

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In an interview with The Berrics, Houde revealed that Session is an open-world skating game made with realistic physics using Unreal Engine 4. The project began in 2015 with a team comprised of industry veterans, most with 10+ years of experience working on games for major companies like Warner Bros., Ubisoft and even Skate’s publisher EA.


Unfortunately, Session has no story mode planned at this time, with the focus mainly being on skating around an open world and completing challenges with – or against – friends online. That doesn’t mean there isn’t the possibility of a traditional story mode, as Houde states:

There’s no real story, but this is still something that we are super open to. A lot of players are asking. They would like to maybe live the life of an amateur skater going Pro, so this is a really interesting part. How we envision Session and the way the game is designed, this is definitely something that we can add on later.

The Montreal, Canada-based studio is currently hard at work on developing Session. You can download the free PC demo right now on the Creature Studios official website.