Star Wars Battlefront 2 Has Been Review Bombed Over “Pay to Win” Controversy

Star Wars Battlefront 2 has been review bombed over its recent “pay to win” controversy, with EA’s upcoming shooter already being slammed online before its release.

The game’s official Metascore sits at a respectable 79, an improvement over its predecessor’s rating of 73. However, its user scores have been bombarded with negative reviews, as gamers continue to take out their frustrations on the sequels’s use of microtransactions and loot boxes.

Its user score currently sits at a lowly 1.5, generated from 744 ratings, which indicates that users “overwhelming dislike” the game. The content of these reviews veers from measured complaints over EA’s treatment of Battlefront 2‘s microtransactions, through to insults leveled at the game and the publisher.

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“Game about donate, not star wars,” one reviewer writes. “EA should rename this into Donatefront II.” This review contains spoilers, click expand to view,” another review states, before continuing: “Money money money money money money money money money.”


Considering the game has yet to be officially released (though it is currently available to play on Xbox One and PC via Origin / EA Access), these user scores are hardly indicative of the actual quality of Battlefront 2. However, while they may not be reflective of DICE’s new game, they do serve as another reminder of the immense backlash EA has received here, and will certainly not help ease the PR headache the company is currently suffering.

DICE issued a response to the Battlefront 2 controversy earlier this week, revealing that they had lowered the cost to unlock its heroes as a result of player criticisms. The developer stated that they would continue to tweak the game post-launch in line with player feedback, though many have already been seeking refunds for the game as a result of the controversy.