SNES Classic Will Be Available Online at Walmart November 15th-17th

In case you were unable to snag yourself the SNES Classic when it launched a while back on September 29th, Walmart will have more of the systems in-stock and available for purchase online. The SNES Classic will be available for its suggested price of $79.96 starting tomorrow, November 15th, and going through Friday, November 17th ahead of next week’s Walmart Black Friday 2017 deals.

Go ahead and bookmark the online Walmart store page for the SNES Classic, so that you have the best chance of purchasing one before they sell out. The sale on SNES Classic systems begins tomorrow morning at 11 a.m. PST – adjust time accordingly – so set your alarms.

However, even if you miss out on purchasing one tomorrow, Walmart will be selling an unspecified amount of SNES Classic’s every single day – Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday – at the same time, giving you essentially three tries to succeed. The sale is limited to one SNES Classic per person, but there’s no word on if you can purchase one all three days.

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This is welcome news, since none of the current Walmart Black Friday 2017 deals – or any other retailer for that matter – mention having the SNES Classic in-stock, though, Nintendo Switch will be. Nintendo has recently stated that it is working hard to make sure anyone that wants the classic Super Nintendo system will get one.

SNES Classic Walmart

It remains to be seen how many systems Walmart will have in-stock and whether or not other retailers like Target or Best Buy will soon follow suit, but this could a sign of Nintendo following through on its promises. The SNES Classic comes with two controllers and a suite of 21 games, including the never-before-released Star Fox 2.

The SNES Classic is a great holiday gift for gamers, so it is a smart move for it to be in-stock for a limited time. For more news on all holiday gift ideas, including Walmart Black Friday 2017 deals and other retailers like Target, keep it locked right here.