Call of Duty WW2 Dedicated Servers Are Up on All Platforms

We’ve been covering the somewhat disastrous launch of Call of Duty WW2 since its release, and it seems like the game might finally be stabilizing. Shortly after the game released on November 3, Sledgehammer and Activision, we forced to take down CoD WW2’s dedicated servers and switch it over to Peer-2-Peer mode. This has caused a host of connectivity issues as well, but fans should notice the game getting back to normal.

The Sledgehammer Games official Twitter gave a status update stating that the Call of Duty WW2 dedicated servers were back online on all platforms. The host migration issues, stuttering, and wonky hitboxes that are a hallmark of P2P networking should resolve shortly as more players move back to the regular servers.

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Getting dedicated servers back online is only one step towards getting Call of Duty WW2 back in working order. Right now, Headquarters mode matchmaking is still offline, and premium purchases have been delayed until next week to focus on finishing critical fixes.

More updates are definitely in order, but I’ll just be glad for the game to stop disconnecting after matches and making me lose XP. Hopefully, this issue is fixed because with the recent XP adjustment that cuts what players get per match in half; no one can afford to lose any experience earned.