Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Player Takes on His “Anime Nemesis” Following Viral Tweet

A Marvel vs Capcom Infinite player livestreamed his encounter with his “anime nemesis” as the internet watched on in awe, after a personal message his rival sent him went viral on Twitter.

A month ago, MastaStef defeated Shake_Zulla in what initially seemed like an ordinary game of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. However, after the match he received a message from his opponent over PSN, one which would set in motion a highly anticipated match-up akin to an epic battle in Naruto Shippūden or Dragon Ball Z.

In the message, Shake_Zulla called MastaStef and “extremely good player,” though admitted that their fight “Really Really Really pissed me off.” He continued: “I dont care what it takes……….Im going to practice for a month straight. When I get back online im going to invite you and when I do I WILL make you pay for each and every combo you landed.”

MastaStef shared the message on Twitter, with the tweet receiving nearly 17,000 interactions:

After the tweet received a huge response online, MastaStef reached out to Shake_Zulla in order to organize a rematch, which took place last night and was livestreamed on Twitch. With many pointing out how Shake_Zulla’s underdog story effectively made MastaStef the villain of this story, Shake became known as Marvel vs Capcom Infinite‘s “anime protagonist,” as viewers of the stream were willing him to victory.

Watch the battle below. The “official” rematch begins at around the 1:50:00 mark, after Shake_Zulla sets up a wired connection to help prevent limit the game’s unfortunate online issues:

Watch Monday Night at Little Wars – MastaStef vs. Anime Protag MvCI Match!! (11/20/17) from Level482Gaming on

Unfortunately, while Shake_Zulla managed to get a hard-fought victory against MastaStef in one round, in true Rocky Balboa fashion the “anime protagonist” couldn’t finish the job. He did message MastaStef after the fight requesting to play him offline in the future, though, so maybe this series will become a trilogy and Shake_Zulla will finally be able to dethrone his rival.

Image Credit: Twitter / @MastaStef