Marvel vs Capcom 4 may have been teased on Twitter

Marvel vs Capcom 4 may have been teased by Marvel Games on Twitter, with the game publishing arm of the Marvel brand updating its logo to include a curious ‘4.’ The stealth alteration of the company’s logo has got the rumor mill spinning, with it potentially tying into speculation that a relaunch of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite is set to take place this year.

In 2018, a reportedly trustworthy insider going by the name DasVergeben claimed that Infinite is receiving a hefty update that will re-brand the game as Marvel vs Capcom 4. According to DasVergeben, Marvel and Capcom are going to attempt to rectify the shoddy launch of Infinite with a complete overhaul.

“I should probably mention that when it does get announced, it will be called Marvel vs Capcom 4,” said DasVergeben in a Reddit post. “I do not know what that could mean for the game itself and the changes, but it will be a complete re-branding effort to make people forget that MvCI existed. They are rinsing the shame of that away.”

While many would welcome a relaunched Marvel vs Capcom Infinite that rectified the mistakes of the original game’s controversial launch, there are other potential games that the ‘4’ could symbolize. It is being suggested that the 4 could indicate that Marvel is working on a Fantastic Four video game, or that the famous superhero team is making their way into another game series. With Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3 set to launch on the Nintendo Switch in 2019, Marvel could potentially be indicating that the Fantastic Four are heading to the game.

Marvel Games hasn’t formally addressed its logo change at the time of this writing, but we imagine an announcement will take place in the very near future. Fighting game fans will likely want to see Marvel take another crack at the whip and right the wrongs of Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, so if a relaunch is planned for the game, then it’ll be interesting to see how the community reacts to it.