Now Netherrealm’s teasing Marvel Vs Mortal Kombat

Studio creative director Ed Boon is at it again and is now teasing a NetherRealm Marvel vs Mortal Kombat fighting game, to add to all his previous teases about a potential Marvel Comics fighting game. This is Boon’s first tweet specifically mentioning a NetherRealm Marvel game since the rumors began, and while it is seemingly a troll tweet, who even knows with Ed Boon anymore, really.

What is the NetherRealm Marvel vs Mortal Kombat game tease?

NetherRealm Marvel Vs Mortal Kombat

The latest troll from Ed Boon was posted on Twitter and specifically names a Marvel V Mortal Kombat game, even going so far as to use a Batman V Superman-style ‘V’ rather than the usual ‘Vs’ used in all fighting games. It’s a retweet of a short video posted by Twitter user @i_harDi showing a live-action fight between Mortal Kombat’s robot-armed Jax and Spider-Man, which is taken from a short film on YouTube.

The winking smiley face text emoji and the generally fun nature of the video suggests a big troll by Ed Boon about the Marvel fighting game rumors, user @TakaraKunjin points out that the Mortal Kombat co-creator is infamous for doing tweets like this to seemingly dispel rumors — which are then immediately announced. It’s reverse psychology, basically.

As they point out, Boon teased Sektor for Mortal Kombat X before KP2 revealed the fighter, and did the same for the Alien with a silly tweet before that fighter was shown off too. He also teased Spawn for Injustice 2, who would eventually show up in Mortal Kombat 11 instead.

At the moment Boon’s tease count includes a straight Marvel Comics fighting game, a Mortal Kombat Vs Marvel game — probably unlikely given the bad memories of Mortal Kombat Vs DC Universe — and possibly the most exciting prospect, a Marvel Vs DC fighting game. As the all-digital E3 2021 is only a couple of weeks away fans may not have long to find out whether Ed Boon’s a teaser or a troll. He’s likely both.