The People Speak: Xbox One X, Thanksgiving, Gambling and More

The holidays are in full swing this week as we celebrated Thanksgiving with lots of food, games and Black Friday sales. We’ve had great deals on games that will have you giving all the money in your wallet to Steam, Walmart, and other retailers. Ironically, we’ve held key conversations on both gambling and what we’re thankful for this week. The People Speak on all of these matters and more.

On the reviews side, we’ve checked out three new ways to play some familiar games: Skyrim VR, Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney on 3DS, and Final Fantasy XV’s VR fishing expansion Monster of the Deep. In this week’s strangest news, The People Speak on how Activision is fighting a patent from the dog poop cleaning service Call of Doodee, which is pretty unfortunate for the cleverly named family-owned company.

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With such a busy holiday week, you guys have had a lot to say about what’s going on in the video game realm. Here are some of our favorite comments from the GR community members this week for The People Speak:

T.J. Denzer (JohnnyChugs)

Article: Tell GR: Should Loot Boxes Classes as Gambling?

Comment: “No, it shouldn’t. People that make that comparison fail to realize, or are perhaps dodging the fact that, actual gambling is build on a system that doesn’t have any obligation to return investment. Loot boxes will always give you something back, whether it’s common goods, currency, another loot box, or something grand. Anyone who has actually stepped into a casino, sat down at a card table, or even bought into a raffle knows they’re probably not getting anything back for their money. You will ALWAYS get something from a loot box.

Are some systems predatory? Definitely. Should those systems be

criticized if they truly give players a pay-to-win edge? Yeah, probably. But that’s a different matter. We don’t classify taking out loans as gambling. Nor do we walk into a new restaurant, say “surprise me” and call it gambling (some might, but not officially). If you’re confusing microtransactions and loot boxes for gambling, you might as well go all the way and call it ‘The Dark Souls of Video Game Marketing’.”


Article: The End of Net Neutrality is Disastrous for Online Gaming

Comment: “Just imagine how much worse it’ll be when Comcast can then sell you the internet in piecemeal or throttle your speeds if you don’t pay extra.

The current monopolies exist because in the early Bush years internet cable was deemed by the supreme court to be a luxury, not a public utility. Thus, everyone who wants to set up a new ISP has to come to a deal with the company that owns the cable or set up their own.

Now, cut out the regulation that keeps them from breaking it up, and things will get much, much worse.”


Article: Why Nintendo Should Allow PC Streaming App Rainway on Nintendo Switch

Comment: “Would that mean you could emulate Zelda BOTW in Cemu with better graphics & stream it back to the Switch?”


Article: 5 Gaming Trends We’re Thankful for This Year

Comment: “Oh yeah, loved the ports. Finally, something is getting done right. Even Injustice 2 somehow managed to be a good port, it’s as if Netherrealm bad port curse is broken, maybe, hopefully.”


Article: Xbox One vs Xbox One S vs Xbox One X: Which Console Should You Buy?

Comment: “If you’re buying an Xbox One right now…it makes the most sense to go whole hog and buy the X.

If you buy the S, you’ll enjoy the “savings” temporarily, but either the thought of “I shoulda gotten the X” will gnaw at you or there will be games that only work properly on the X released that you won’t be able to play.

The one thing there is no debate about is that the Xbox One (original) is considerably slow compared to even the S model.

I paid $499 for a Day One Edition.

If I were upgrading now, I’d get the X.

I’m disappointed – across the line – that we cannot easily replace our own HDD like PS4 owners can.

Although you can buy an SSD external drive, you’re still limited to USB 3.0 transfer speeds.

In these cases it’s easy to see why PC rules”