PS2 Dashboard Theme for PS4

PS2 Dashboard Is Coming to PS4 in This New Theme

Who could forget that iconic seven stars of the PS2 dashboard? Those little spinning orbs were the intro to some of the most innovative games ever made, and now PS4 owners will get a chance to see them every time they visit the system menu with this theme from Truant Pixel.

The Legacy Dashboard theme for PS4 is a homage to the PS2’s boot sequence, though it’s missing PlayStation branding because of licensing issues. Oddly enough Sony hasn’t made this theme themselves, though they have approved Truant Pixel’s work for the PlayStation Store.

According to the designers from Truant Pixel, the theme stemmed out of prototypes of PS2 dashboard elements over the last couple of years. Eventually, they were able to put these parts together to make a single theme which mimics the look, sound, and function of the PS2.

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The original audio from the PlayStation 2 dashboard has been sampled from sound effects extracted from the original hardware. Truant Pixel has also recreated the crystal clock that was visible when you entered the system settings menu on the PS2. The theme should look great on both 1080p and 4K screens, and is a great way to get that warm nostalgic feeling every time you see the PS4 menu.

I love this kind of stuff, and I don’t know why first-party companies don’t do this more often. Hopefully, Truant Pixel or Sony will come out with a PS3 homage theme soon as well. The PS2 Legacy Dashboard theme for PS4 will release on December 6 for $2.99.

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