Geoff Keighley Teases Major New Announcement at The Game Awards

The Game Awards‘ host Geoff Keighley has teased that a major new game announcement could be made at the event, suggesting that viewers should tune in for the reveal of a AAA release during Thursday’s event.

The Game Awards typically isn’t host to many major new announcements, with publishers and developers tending to save themselves for more well-established events, but this year could well be different. Geoff Keighley, who is executive producer of the show along with being its host, has been drumming up anticipation for it on the ResetEra forum, suggesting that we’ll see a big new game making its debut at the event.

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Responding to a commenter complaining that The Game Awards has never had a “huge reveal,” Keighley replied: “See you tomorrow night my friend!” After another commenter suggested that the show would have “no AAA announcements,” Keighley posted a GIF with the caption: “O RLY?”


Of course, none of this is confirmation that Keighley has an ace up his sleeve for The Game Awards, and it could just be a case of him wanting to increase interest before Thursday.

However, with the show having been met with much criticism in the past as a result of its lack of exciting announcements and reveals, Keighley dropping these teases and then not delivering could damage the reputation of the show and diminish interest for it in the future. It seems likely, then, that Geoff has something big brewing for The Game Awards 2017.

The Game Awards will be streamed from the Microsoft Theater in Los Angeles, California at 5:30pm PT / 8:30pm ET.

Featured Image Credit: Jeffrey Mayer / Getty Images