Clash Royale Update 2.1.5 Datamined: Heroes, King of the Hill Arena and Decorations Revealed

The Clash Royale update 2.1.5 has been datamined, with a Reddit user allegedly digging into the new update in order to reveal a number of new features.

Redditor Asdamp posted the results of his findings on r/ClashRoyale, with some exciting new features seemingly set to make their way to the hugely popular mobile game. According to Asdamp’s datamined files, two heroes are set to make their way to Clash Royale, with a “barbarian king” and “archer queen” seemingly possessing unique abilities with cooldowns, a max level of 10 and appearing to unlock when players reach 3,800 trophies.

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A new arena is also reportedly being tested, with King of the Hill said to be making its way to the game, while Christmas decorations and skins have also been found in the files. The datamined information was taken from update 2.1.5, which was officially released today, so we’ll have to wait and see when the features included in the update will see the light of day.

Take a look at the leaked information below:

Clash Royale Update 2.1.5


  • New arena being tested: Arena King Of The Hill


  • “Use x times low cost spells” is now a rarer quest
  • Daily quest gives always gold, rare card, common cards and gems in different order
  • Free chest quest count as a pinned Daily quest. Not skippable anymore


  • Supercell said that you can find the 3 new chests doing quests. Strangely enough, quest chest cycle has not changed.
  • Themed chests (Example: Christmas chest)
  • Lightning chest rerolls change based on trophy count.


  • Enabled fixes for the drag glitch
  • Christmas decorations found in game files
  • Reference to a new event: FORTUNE_TARGET (Probably somethings about fortune chest)
  • new challenge: Modern Royale
  • New Christmas music:
  • Reference to heartquake effect. It could be used by a hero or by an earthquake spell
  • Christmas skins


  • ABILITY_COOLDOWN_MILLISECONDS:1000 (Heroes ability?)
  • TOURNAMENT_MAX_HERO_LEVEL: 1 (Hero tournament level)
  • HEROES_ENABLED: FALSE (Not enabled in game, for now)
  • HERO_UNLOCK_AVATAR_SCORE: 3800 (Heroes unlock at 3800 trophies?)
  • Hero max level: 10
  • You cannot mirror a hero
  • You cannot mirror a hero ability
  • You can have only one hero in a deck
  • 2 heroes in the game: the barbarian king and the archer queen.

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