2000 AD Games Set to be Announced in 2018 by Rebellion

Games set in the 2000 AD universe are scheduled to be announced in 2018, according to the comics’ license holder Rebellion.

Rebellion have developed a few games featuring 2000 AD characters, though back in February the English studio stated that they were keen to open up the series’ universe to other developers, in order to capitalize upon the wealth of material at their disposal. Now the studio has confirmed that collaborations are underway, with more being revealed next year.

Speaking to PCGamesN, Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley discussed what lay in store for the future of 2000 AD video game adaptations. “I wanted to do lots of games with 2000 AD characters but we didn’t have time and money,” Kingley said. “As time was going on, lots of people were asking, ‘Why aren’t you?’ And I would say ‘Well, we haven’t got the time’. So I thought this was ridiculous, literally it’s been 17 years and there’s been about three, four games out – that’s not good enough.

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“So, recently, we opened up the library to people, and said, ‘Come and pitch ideas, if you want to work with us we’ll work out a licensing deal that makes sense for everybody, and you can work within the 2000 AD stuff’. So, hopefully next year we should start to see some public announcements about some of those games coming out.”

Most recently Rebellion has been responsible for Rogue Trooper Redux, though Kingsley confirmed that its upcoming collaborations ensures that they’ll be able to release a “variety of different titles of different scales,” ranging from “kooky niche titles” to “hopefully some really big extensive ones as well.”

Kingsley stopped short of confirming which 2000 AD series are going to be turned into games as a result of these new partnerships, though Judge Dredd fans will no doubt be eager to see the unforgiving lawman become the star of a brand new title. With the last major Judge Dredd game being 2003’s cult hit Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death, we’ve yet to see a Dredd game released on modern consoles. Could this be set to change in the near future?