SoulCalibur VI Producer on Possibility of Switch Version and Controversial Female Design

SoulCalibur VI Producer Motohiro Okubo has revealed some juicy details regarding the upcoming sixth installment in the beloved fighting franchise, specifically the possibility of a Nintendo Switch version of the game and how Bandai Namco is handling the controversial design of some female fighters in previous entries in the series.

This was all revealed in a recent interview with Game Central. On the hot topic of Switch, Okubo stated that the team isn’t currently working on a Switch version as of right now. This is because development on SoulCalibur VI began over three years ago and “nobody knew anything about Switch back then.” That doesn’t mean that it’s impossible, as Okubo says that he is personally interested in the platform and it could happen if Unreal Engine 4 support on it “evolves.”

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SoulCalibur II was notably on the GameCube, featuring Link as a guest character. As for guest characters in SoulCalibur VI, Bandai Namco won’t reveal anything other than it hopes to surprise players. Regular characters like Ivy have been controversial in the past for their revealing outfits, so Okubo discussed his thoughts on characters like her, too.

SoulCalibur VI

“I understand that there are different opinions about such characters. So I think what’s most important is how you want to express and design such characters, and not just the female characters. But I still want to keep the body shape and the atmosphere of each character to be the backbone of each character.”

Though Ivy and others haven’t been confirmed for SoulCalibur VI, Okubo eases concern for their designs by noting that there are female designers that work on the team. No further details were given on what characters we can expect to see or what the story mode itself will entail. SoulCalibur VI was recently revealed at The Game Awards 2017 for a release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC sometime next year.