The Witcher’s Geralt and Ciri added to DAEMON X MACHINA for some reason

Geralt of Rivia is no stranger to crossovers. He’s already graced games like SoulCalibur VI and Monster Hunter: World in the past, but The Witcher‘s most recent extradimensional journey might just be the strangest. Alongside Ciri, Geralt now appears in Nintendo published Switch mech game Daemon X Machina in the form of pilot customization parts. You can see both Witcher characters in-game thanks to this official Japanese trailer embedded below:

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After launching back in September, Daemon X Machina has also received a new boss fight, new equipment, and four Colossal Immortals, which are remixed versions of existing enemies. If you’re lucky enough to be playing in Japan, the game also received more crossovers in the form of anime characters.

Daemon-X-Machina_mech boss Witcher

So, if you’re a fan of Code Geass and Eureka Seven, maybe consider importing. Those guys probably know a lot more about mechs than everyone’s favorite medieval swordsman.