E3 2019 | Daemon X Machina release date revealed for Nintendo Switch

The Daemon X Machina release date is September 13, 2019. The exciting news comes from the stacked Nintendo Direct at E3 2019, which also saw the release of a brand-new trailer for the hard-hitting action game.

This isn’t the first time Daemon X Machina has made a splash at E3. The third-person shooter burst onto the scene this time last year during the E3 2019 Nintendo Direct, and impressed with its madcap mech action and unique art style. The game is being developed by Kenichiro Tsukuda who has helped produce and develop two games in the Armored Core series, as well as acting as project manager on Lost Odyssey.

The studio behind Daemon X Machina, meanwhile is Marvelous, which has recently been involved with creating No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Again. The game is being published by Nintendo, which might clue you in on the potential high hopes the console giant has for this game.

The previous Daemon X Machina release date (well, more of a release window, really) was simply a “2019” placeholder. But, of course, we now know when to expect it: September 13, 2019.

You can also watch the new Daemon X Machine release date trailer below, courtesy of Ninty. One of the undoubted highlights involves the soaring space combat.