Daemon x Machina is coming to PC surprisingly soon

Mecha action game Daemon X Machina is coming to PC later this month. The title, by Armored Core producer Kenichiro Tsukuda, didn’t make a huge splash when it was released on the Nintendo Switch. Still, the PC version may help the game find its audience.

Daemon X Machina could be described as a faster-paced Armored Core. The plot, which centers around mercenary groups taking on combat missions, is very reminiscent of Tsukuda’s previous works. The mech customization is also similar to that found in Armored Core, with legs, arms, torsos, heads, weapon systems, and other parts all being freely interchangeable. Given that there hasn’t been an Armored Core game released since 2013’s Verdict Day, Daemon X Machina is an excellent title for fans of that mecha series.

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Part of what marred Daemon X Machina‘s original release is the Switch’s awful online system. On Steam, it should be much easier to play co-op and versus modes in the game since you don’t have to deal with friend codes or the Switch’s spotty, slow Wi-Fi.

You can pre-order Daemon X Machina right now on Steam in advance of its release on February 13. The game comes with all the content updates released so far on Switch. Pre-ordering right now gets you a 20% discount on the game and gives access to the following DLC:

  • Prototype Arsenal Set DLC
    • Prototype Arsenal mech
    • Prototype Plugsuit
  • Metallic Equipment DLC
    • Five unique weapons
    • Metallic Plugsuit

The Prototype Arsenal Set will be available for separate purchase sometime in the future. However, the Metallic Equipment Set will remain a pre-order exclusive.

The Daemon X Machina PC release will also include visual upgrades and new customization options. One of the issues the game had on Switch was slowdown, and at times the graphics were muddled. On PC, the game’s fast-paced combat should really shine in a way it wasn’t able to on Switch.