Doom Eternal intro gameplay video showcases hell on earth

New footage of Doom Eternal has surfaced online, and FPS fans are in for a treat. The upcoming release from id Software and Bethesda Softworks is shaping up to be a gore-filled delight, and prospective players now have a chance to check out the game’s introductory area.

The latest Doom Eternal gameplay video comes by way of IGN, who put together a video showcasing the game’s first 10 minutes. The intro cutscene itself is short and sweet, with voiceovers detailing a global calamity while the camera pans over a ruined Earth and destroyed moon. Stationed on a satellite base hovering just outside Earth’s atmosphere, Doomguy suits up and prepares for battle.

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After jumping through a portal, the hero bolts straight into action. Lesser zombies serve as a quick introduction to the series’ signature Glory Kill mechanic, while picking up a Chainsaw teleports the space marine into a sort of tutorial area. As fans will expect, the action is rapid-fire, and shortly after the first target is confronted, things get even more insane.

Jumping off a ledge into the fiery hellscape below, the protagonist looks up to spot a humongous demon stalking the earth — a Titan, most likely. It looks like a fiend no one would want to challenge, but that’s not going to stop a seasoned Doom Slayer. Clearly deciding to save the giant for later, the blood-soaked protagonist continues his campaign of war, ripping and tearing to his heart’s content.

All things considered, the game looks incredible. Fans of Doom 2016 will certainly be happy to see the action is largely unchanged, though we’d say that it somehow feels even more frenetic. Of course, the full game will have a few extra tricks up its sleeve, including the asymmetrical Battlemode multiplayer offering. Best of all, the game’s release date is right around the corner: Doom Eternal is slated to launch March 20, 2020.