New Singleplayer Content Coming to Stardew Valley Alongside Multiplayer Update

Stardew Valley’s long-awaited multiplayer update will actually be bringing new singleplayer content along with it when it releases sometime next year. The list of additions and changes being added to the game on all platforms is surprisingly extensive and include some highly requested features that gamers have been clamoring for.

Stardew Valley creator ConcernedApe recently took to Twitter to list out all of the new changes and features that will be releasing alongside the multiplayer update. By far the most requested change announced will be the ability for players to now “re-spec their professions.” These professions are chosen once the player has reached certain levels in various skills like farming and fishing.

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As of right now, those professions are permanent and there is no way to change it should you regret your decision, so this is a welcome change. There is also brand new content coming to Stardew Valley in the form of items and events. ConcernedApe announced that signs will be introduced, allowing you to “display any item” on it.

Stardew Valley

In addition, there will be a new type of collection that you can start in your first winter and more outdoor decorations implemented, many of which will change their look depending on the season you are currently in. The biggest new content added to Stardew Valley will be the new events. Players can expect more NPC events to enjoy with their favorite characters.

There will also be a new town event that takes place in the winter season. It is unsure if this is a full-on festival event or simply an event scene like what happens with NPC’s. These major changes launch right alongside the multiplayer update that allows you to visit, interact, and even marry other players online. The multiplayer update and new singleplayer content is set to release first on PC before coming to Switch and the other platforms later.