You Can Now Download Civilization VI on iPad

Civilization VI has made its way to iPad, with the huge strategy game releasing on Apple’s tablet today. This marks the first ever main series Civilization game to be released on mobile, with Aspyr Media handling the port of the popular PC / Mac game.

The Civilization series has suffered through a variety of lacklustre mobile ports that have failed to replicate the full Civ experience, but Aspyr’s take on Civ VI is the real deal, with it emulating the original game piece-by-piece. Running on iOS 11 on the iPad Air 2, iPad 2017 and iPad Pro, while the game will cost a hefty $60 (it’s currently available for $29.99 until January 4th), being able to play Civilization VI while on the move will be an experience that fans of the series will find worthy of shelling out for.

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Interestingly, Twitter users have also pointed out that the game supports mods using iTunes File Sharing, meaning that players will be able to get various custom additions to the game up and running sooner or later.

For those unconvinced that Civilization VI could be faithfully ported to the iPad, Aspyr is giving new players their first 60 turns for free, offering them a sizeable demo of the 2016 game. You can download Civilization VI on iTunes right here.

Check out the launch trailer for the game below: