Post Malone Now Spends His Time Streaming PUBG

Post Malone seems like a pretty cool guy, so it’s perhaps not surprising that he likes to spend his spare time chilling out and playing video games. The rapper has now started up his own Twitch account so fans can watch him while he plays, with PUBG being his game of choice.

Post Malone began his live streaming exploits in mid-December with a few hours of Call of Duty: WW2, beginning his stream by proudly declaring: “We’re live as f*** boy! I’m a real Twitch streamer in this b**** now!” Since then he has veered over into PUBG, playing the popular PC game in front of an audience of nearly 300,000 followers.

Check out his first stream below:

Post Malone’s love of video games has been noted in the post. Before he was famous, he appeared in videos alongside the popular YouTuber Jason Probst, best known for his videos under the channel Minecraft Universe. Back in November he appeared in an interview in which he said that PUBG had convinced him to get into PC gaming, with him only moving away from consoles earlier this year.

Post Malone is the latest high-profile celebrity to get into gaming, following Terry Crews and his campaign to be featured as a voice actor in Overwatch earlier this year. Crews’ love of gaming has been heavily publicized, with him having reached out to the internet to help him build a gaming PC. He also started his own Twitch account, though hasn’t posted any videos to the channel.

Watch Post Malone playing PUBG below: