Destiny 2 Infinite Forest

Destiny 2 Player Makes a Way Better Infinite Forest Than Bungie

The Destiny 2 community was disappointed by the amount and quality of content that was in the popular FPS’ first expansion Curse of Osiris last month when it released, namely the so-called “Infinite Forest.” One such player has taken it upon himself to create a mock-up of a truly infinite Infinite Forest; one that is far more interesting than what Bungie made.

Created by YouTube user Pheonise, his concept for Destiny 2’s Infinite Forest is more true to its name. He recently released a video, showcasing his designs for what he would’ve liked to have seen in Curse of Osiris. Bungie first revealed the area as a form of important, repeatable content, but the reality was far less interesting.

Instead of awesome, endlessly generated content, it is simply an area that is solely relegated to some of the short missions in the Curse of Osiris campaign. Worse still is the fact that it only serves to extend the length of the mission rather than serve any exciting purpose.

Pheonise’s Infinite Forest twists the same forest that Bungie created in just the right way. Though his level design is not the prettiest to look at, his concept is intriguing enough. In his video, you can see him go through his level, taking out cardboard enemies along the way before fighting a boss at the end.

That is all very similar to what we find in Destiny 2, but this is where his design diverges from what Bungie created. After defeating the boss, he is granted a loot chest and given the option to take his loot and exit the Infinite Forest, or continue adventuring through endlessly generated levels for as long as he wants.

It continues on exactly the same, with the player able to fight through enemies, tackle a boss or a puzzle, receive loot, and repeat. Though repetitive, it is more true to the Infinite Forest name and allows for Destiny 2’s version of something like Diablo 3’s Rifts. This is all rather impressive given that Pheonise came up with all of it in just two days of development. Hire him, Bungie.

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