Hello Neighbor Could Be Coming to Nintendo Switch and PS4

Another day, another leak in the video game industry; this time for the popular stealth survival game Hello Neighbor. This leak comes from a recent PEGI listing that reveals that the game will be coming soon to Nintendo Switch and PS4, despite no official announcement for either platform as of right now.

Strangely enough, the release date of December 8th, 2017 listed for both of these versions is the same as the already released Xbox One and PC ones, but that could be simply a placeholder in the meantime. PEGI ratings have leaked games many times before, most recently Final Fantasy IX for PS4, so there is credibility to this.

Hello Neighbor recently launched out of early access earlier this month on December 8th for Xbox One and PC after several years in development and a successfully funded Kickstarter. It has been in early access since 2015 on PC, going through various pre-alpha, alpha, and beta stages before its final release this month. It was originally set to launch in August earlier this year before being delayed.

Hello Neighbor Switch

Though critically panned on Metacritic with a current score of 39% for PC and 43% for Xbox One, the odd survival horror title is extremely popular on streaming services like YouTube and Twitch.

Hello Neighbor has a simple premise: you move into a new home next to a creepy, suspicious new neighbor. Your single goal is sneak into his house, find your way to his basement, and uncover a “horrible secret” before he catches you. The execution, though, is not nearly as simple.

This is due to Hello Neighbor’s intelligently designed AI. Your neighbor will modify his actions based on everything that you do. For instance, if you go a certain way and fail, the next time you try to go that same direction, the neighbor will have set up traps that weren’t there previously to stop you.