Blizzard Should Hire This Overwatch Fan Who Makes His Own Maps

An Overwatch player has been busy making the game’s community salivate with his own Unreal Engine 4 maps, leading to fans calling for Blizzard to hire the amateur designer.

Joshua Llorente has been experimenting with creating Overwatch-inspired maps for a year now, though as his skills have improved, his online audience has widened. Thus far Joshua has created five maps aping Overwatch‘s design, taking into account its cartoony aesthetic and sci-fi environments to create brand new settings.

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Joshua’s brightly colored but ramshackle Favela is complemented with hovering mopeds and a skybox containing towering skyscrapers overlooking the map, while Cairo is a luxurious amalgamation of futuristic and ancient Egypt.

While it’s difficult to tell whether or not any of the games would be fun to play in, Joshua has put more thought into these Unreal Engine 4 designs than simply making them look good. As outlined by his Favela map walkthrough, he’s also put no small degree of effort into their level design, adding in various choke and vantage points that you’ll find in your typical map in Blizzard’s game.

It’s not unprecedented for a developer to hire an amateur designer after seeing their work online. However, considering that Blizzard is one of the biggest names in the industry and their team consists of only the very best it has to offer, it’s unlikely that Joshua Llorente will be given a job as reward for his efforts. With that being said, it’s clear that he has a remarkable talent for level design, so maybe the attention surrounding his Overwatch maps will lead to a new line of work for him one way or the other.