Reddit User Discovers Another Hidden Cap in Destiny 2

Surprise, another hidden cap has been discovered in Destiny 2. This time, it’s for the glimmer currency that you can collect that is used for purchasing low level gear and useful endgame mods. Of course, there is already a hard cap of 99,999 glimmer that anyone can see, but there is also a hidden cap for how much you can gather at one time.

This was recently discovered by Reddit user NoctisNoctua who did some in-depth sleuthing to find that Bungie caps how many glimmer you can collect in a span of time. According to the user, gathering around 400 glimmer will cause the game to stop rewarding you with the currency until you stop killing enemies for an unspecified amount of time.

After taking a break from fighting, the user was only able to collect around 200 glimmer before the game capped them again. It seems that there’s not only a cap on glimmer, but Destiny 2 reduces the cap the more you subsequently fight enemies in a row for long periods of time.

Destiny 2 Hidden Glimmer Cap

Fans of Destiny 2’s predecessor will know this cap well, as it is one that existed in the original Destiny, too. However, it is unfortunate that Bungie has once again decided not to communicate this hidden gap to players. This recently occurred with leveling in Destiny 2.

Dedicated Destiny 2 fans previously discovered that Bungie was throttling experience gained in the game in order to push players to purchase bright engrams instead of earning them in-game. This caused quite a stir in the community, prompting Bungie to respond regarding the future of the game.

The controversy didn’t end there, as fans became even more frustrated with the lack of content in Destiny 2’s first expansion Curse of Osiris. Worse still, the expansion locked out a trophy to only those that purchased the expansion when it had been available to everyone at launch. With news of this hidden glimmer cap, it seems that the controversy won’t be ending anytime soon.