Monster Hunter World Beta Announced, New Trailer Released

A new Monster Hunter World beta is coming to the PS4, with Capcom also debuting a new trailer for the upcoming game.

The second Monster Hunter World beta will run from January 19th – 22nd, according to a Japanese live stream that took place earlier today, with it set to include the three monsters from the previous beta alongside a brand new monster, the Elder Dragon Nergigante. There will be no new areas in the beta, though as the game is set to release on January 26th, we won’t have long to wait to get our hands on the full experience.

Capcom also revealed that the first batch of Monster Hunter World DLC will launch in Spring 2018, with it seeing the return of a familiar monster, Deviljho. Japan will be getting exclusive Monster Hunter World PS4 Slim bundles, alongside custom controllers.

A thread on ResetEra also compiled some key information from the stream. According to the thread, “login bonuses reward you Luck Tickets for more zenny among other things,” while key quests have been replaced in their entirety by missions, and full rewards can be obtained by joining a quest that’s under 10 minutes in progress. Another neat feature is persistent time cycles, with the time of day staying the same between the hub and field.

Capcom also premiered a brand new Monster Hunter World trailer in the live stream, showing off a selection of new monsters and areas. Check it out below: