Creator of VRChat’s ‘Ugandan Knuckles’ Meme Regrets His Decision

The creator of the 3D model that has been used to bring VRChat‘s “Ugandan Knuckles” meme to life regrets his decision, saying that the overproliferation of memes in the virtual reality game threatens to transform it into the next Second Life.

“Ugandan Knuckles” became the internet’s latest favorite meme after it achieved popularity on VRChat. The meme sees players using a weird-looking Knuckles character model, grouping together in a lobby and then affecting a fake Ugandan accent. They then repeatedly ask other players if they “know de way,” name one female player as their “queen” and then spit on other “fake queens” in the lobby. They also make clicking noises. If it sounds a bit racist, that’s probably because it is, but it hasn’t stopped the meme from elevating beyond VRChat and into the wider internet.

Watch the meme in action below:

One individual who isn’t particularly happy with the rise of Ugandan Knuckles is the man responsible for bringing it to life. The DeviantArt user tidiestflyer, who made the character model available to download for VRChat‘s players, said that the game had become a “meme ground” and blamed his creation for adding to it.

In a post beneath the model, he wrote:

“Please do not use this to bug the users of Vrchat. Its community means a lot to me and it would hurt me to see the rights of other users taken away and possibly restricted because of how out of hand it can get. Showing off their creativity and what they are capable of. For me….. I’m in college and don’t have a lot of time to get on like I would like to anymore… I remember making this and thinking… Well it could be funny to show off to my friends and possibly mess with users. But I’ve learned what kind of things I’m really capable of making. Its always fun to be the one with models no one else has access to. Because I can make anything that I want to be. Its like….. Its like that special place for me. To get away from the real world and be someone I’m not….. But right now. Vrchat has become a meme ground and I feel I have helped to dig a grave for Vrchat. Soon enough people are gunna get tired of all the memes that now pollute the servers. And with 500 people trying to just enjoy an event, they cant because there just isnt enough moderation to hold down the rampant amounts of memers. So please…. Think about the users that you’re playing with. Before they are all gone… Don’t let it be a second Second Life.”

While the design for Ugandan Knuckles wasn’t created by tidiestflyer — the character first made its appearance in a Sonic: Lost World review by Gregzilla — the character model allowed players to use it as their avatars in VRChat, which is what spawned the meme.

Ugandan Knuckles is now omnipresent in VRChat, with players rarely able to enjoy the game without being greeted by the character and the persistent clicking of those who use it as their avatar. It’s unlikely that tidiestflyer’s comments will dissuade players from continuing to use it, but VRChat players who are sick of seeing this meme pop up will likely agree with him.

Image Credit: YouTube / Syrmor