Nintendo Direct Information May Have Been Leaked By GameStop

GameStop has accidentally tweeted out a countdown to a Nintendo Direct, with the retailer seemingly revealing that the company is preparing for a presentation at some point this week.

Nintendo has yet to confirm whether or not it will broadcast a Nintendo Direct presentation this month, though GameStop may have given the game away in a now-deleted tweet. Earlier today the retailer posted: “#Nintendo Direct is in 45 minutes! We’re excited to see what Nintendo has in store for us in 2018. What’re you hoping to see?”

With Nintendo Direct presentations used to announce new games, the retailer would have inside information pertaining to the event if it were to happen. This has led many to suggest that this was a scheduled tweet that was accidentally posted too early.

gamestop nintendo direct

According to the Twitter account @NinMobileNews, GameStop “currently has six new available SKU’s on their system for Nintendo Switch,” which suggests that a new Nintendo Direct is “imminent.”

It was rumored that the new Nintendo Direct would be broadcast tomorrow (January 11th), but thus far Nintendo hasn’t offered any indication that this is the case. Looks like we’ll just have to wait and see what the Big N has up its sleeve!