Nintendo Repeats That It’s Not Currently Interested in VR or 4K Support

Nintendo has been the king of doing its own thing (for better or worse) since before the NES was released, and it continues down that path with the Switch. While Sony and Microsoft have concentrated effort towards 4K support, Nintendo is just fine with the Switch maxing out at 1080p. Additionally, Sony’s PSVR and the Xbox One X’s potential support for VR in the future doesn’t seem to phase the Big N.

In an interview with French publication Les Numériques, Nintendo France Managing Director Philippe Lavoué stated that the company isn’t currently researching the addition of 4K or VR to the Switch.

Lavoué cited lack of mainstream appeal for Nintendo’s disinterest in VR at this time. He also stated that until 4K had been adopted by the majority that Nintendo didn’t see it as a worthwhile investment, and questioned what novelty Nintendo could bring compared to Sony and Microsoft.

Lavoué isn’t wrong. The Nintendo Switch hardware is less powerful than Sony and Microsoft’s, both who had to release a mid-cycle console to add 4K capabilities to their platforms. Nintendo seems more interested in playing up the Switch’s strengths, namely portability, and a unique software library.

I believe that Nintendo is making a smart move by focusing its energies on the tech they already have. The Wii U tried to go head-to-head with the PS3 and Xbox 360 and failed miserably. This console generation, it seems like Nintendo is bypassing the fight against Sony and Microsoft altogether, and is instead offering a product that’s attractive even if you already own one of its competitor’s consoles.

Trying to be a part of the rat race is what damaged Nintendo during the N64, GameCube, and Wii U years, and with the turnaround the company has seen with the Switch, it obviously knows what it’s doing.