VRChat Player Has a Seizure as Others Gather to Help Him

A VRChat player had a seizure while playing the virtual reality game, with others in the lobby gathering around in an attempt to help him through the episode.

The incident was uploaded to YouTube, with the poster stating that they had the individual’s permission to share the footage. In the 13-minute video, a player can be seen collapsing to the ground, with the HTC Vive’s full-body motion tracking depicting him sprawled across his floor.

The other players in the lobby soon come to the conclusion that he is having a seizure, at which point they gather around him. After repeatedly asking if he is okay, they are then confronted with the reality that while they are watching this terrifying episode, they can’t actually do anything to help him through it.

Soon, a couple of the players begin ordering others to stop crowding him, while telling those with avatars containing flashing lights to step away. A couple of players role-playing as the Ugandan Knuckles meme are promptly told to “shut the f*** up,” while a player with a Morty avatar takes control of the situation.

As expressed in the video, as none of the players knew the individual, they could do nothing to physically help him. Instead, they instructed him to remove his headset and waited around until the episode had finished.

Unfortunately, there were a few individuals who used this opportunity to attempt to make the seizure significantly worse. One player donned a multi-colored, flashing avatar and began dancing atop him, with the other players unable to do anything about it aside from crowding him out.

Watch the video below: