GameRevolution Forum: Join our Monster Hunter World OT!

If you like discussing video games then we’re knuckling down to ensure that GameRevolution is the place you’re going to want to do just that.

We’re working hard in GR Towers to build a lively, friendly community centered around games, and as part of that, we’ll now be submitting “OTs” (official threads) to our forums in which to talk about the latest new releases. This week we’re discussing Monster Hunter World, so head on over to the OT and join the discussion with your fellow readers.

Additionally, we’re gathering video games and other assorted prizes to dish out exclusively to our loyal GameRevolution forum users, so be on the lookout for announcements on the forums in order to find out how to win. Signing up is free and easy, and you can do so right here.

So what are you waiting for? Join in the Monster Hunter World OT! Talk to your fellow gamer! Win free stuff!