What to Do If Your Fortnite Alpine Ace Skin Is Missing

The new daily shop update on Fortnite comes with an issue that’s been plaguing users: the Alpine Ace skin (which looks ridiculously cool) may not be showing up in your store menu, or intermittently missing from the storefront.

The Alpine Ace skin, which celebrates this year’s Winter Olympics in Pyeongchang, comes in a variety of colors and patterns depending on which country you choose. For my V-Bucks, though, the Canada one is the niftiest bit of kit.

None of that matters, though, if the skin isn’t showing up in the store. It can be especially grating if you’ve spent real-life currency for the sole purpose of buying one of the 8 skins. Fortnite’s official Twitter account, however, has given a solution that is bound to warm your cockles – and keep you from spending your hard-earned, or well-bought, V-Bucks on something else entirely.

Alpine Ace Fortnite Skin: How to Find It

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There are two fixes for the problem, one being far quicker than the other. Users experiencing the issue are advised to head on over to Mode Select, and then go back to the store. Failing that, a slightly longer workaround appears to be playing an actual game of Fortnite (oh, the horror!). Upon doing so, the skin(s) should reappear on the storefront.

Developers Epic Games aren’t currently aware of what causes the issue and, with around 72 hours left before the daily shop update changes yet again, it’s unlikely to be fully solved anytime soon. Nevertheless, the Fortnite developers should be applauded for their prompt response to what could have been an aggravating issue for many.

For full details on how to get all 8 Alpine Ace skins, including how many V-Bucks you’re gonna have to shell out for one of these bad boys, be sure to head over to our guide on how to get the new cosmetics in Battle Royale.