Sea of Thieves Closed Beta Played for More Than 2 Million Hours; Number 1 on Twitch

The Sea of Thieves Closed Beta may be on shore leave, but some of the stats pouring out of developers Rare are nothing short of astounding.

A Sea of Thieves Closed Beta summary was spotted at Rare’s offices and posted to the Resetera forums. In it, the game’s most eye-opening numbers were laid bare. The highlights included over 2 million in-game hours, 14 million hours of streams watched, and the game being ranked as number 1 on Twitch and Microsoft’s Mixer streaming service.

All in all, it’s little wonder that Sea of Thieves is shaping up to be 2018’s PUBG. If a closed beta can generate that much interest, then the game won’t be sinking without a trace anytime soon.

Over 300,000 players took to the high seas during January’s Sea of Thieves Closed Beta, and I’d bet a shiny gold coin that a lot of them were made to walk the plank. The vast majority of those players, though, also made waves when it comes to the game’s meatier content: over 400,000 quests were completed.

Of the large number of players that pillaged their way through the week-long beta, nearly half were hardy enough to go it alone in one-man ships. Many, however, took advantage of co-op by commandeering four-man ships. The ocean can be a lonely place, it seems.

It was also nice to see the community outside of the Sea of Thieves Closed Beta gather around the game. Not only were nearly one-in-ten players content creators in some way, shape or form, Twitch streams reached a high of 269,000 viewers. That’s some way off League of Legends and Overwatch’s millions, but it shows that a pirate’s life can be a very prosperous one indeed.

The full list of stats are as follows:

  • 871,180,805 gold earned
  • 2,000,000 hours in game
  • 314,021 total players
  • 402,488 quests completed.
  • 35,882 peak concurrent users
  • 132,969 players in one-man ships
  • 121,748 players in two-man ships
  • 160,797 in four-man ships
  • 30,595 content creators
  • 14,260,440 hours watched
  • 104,240 average viewers
  • 269,000 peak concurrent viewers on Twitch