Terraria 1.3 Xbox One Update Released: Expert Mode, New Bosses and Items

It’s been a long time coming, but Terraria 1.3 Xbox One update has finally hit Microsoft’s console. It’s pretty significant, too, adding over 800 items, to the survival craft-‘em-up, as well as a new Expert Mode.

Being confirmed by developers Pipeworks Studio on their official Twitter account, the update went live at 9:30am PST/12:30pm EST/5:30pm GMT. This comes after the 1.3 update launched on PS4 back in December and on the PC way back in 2015.

The additional 800 items features everything from the underwhelming to the unbelievable. The Shrimpy Truffle, for example, is used to attract a legendary creature that is extremely powerful on water. There’s even the Brain of Confusion, for those of you who want to scramble the minds of their enemies. There’s something for every playstyle – and then some.

Major boost in quantity of items aside, the Terraria 1.3 Xbox One update promises to extend the lifespan of the game even further. New bosses and events are available, including the Martian Madness event; you’ll even be able to go mano-a-mano with the formidable Moon Lord. It’s essentially a whole new game tacked on to the Xbox One version of Terraria.

Elsewhere, there are new biomes, including the Underground Desert and Sky Lakes. If you think those biome names are made by putting two random words together then, well… you’re probably right. They look cool, though, which is the main thing.

If you’re itching for a little more challenge in Terraria then the Expert Mode will be a perfect test of your survival skills. You’ll get better rewards and the catch (there’s always a catch) is that your foes will be far tougher than anything you’ve encountered before. Pick your battles wisely in this one.

The full list of changes and patch notes are available on the official Terraria forums here.