Twitch Down After Dr Disrespect Makes His Comeback

Twitch went down today after streamer Dr Disrespect made his comeback, with him racking up nearly 400,000 concurrent viewers at the time of this writing.

Dr Disrespect took a break from streaming in order to work on his marriage and family issues, though after seven weeks finally made his return to the site. The hiatus came during the middle of a particularly pivotal time in his streaming career, with him having experienced a meteoric rise to the upper echelon of the site’s most popular personalities.

In December, he was handed the Trending Gamer award at The Game Awards before leaving the site for nearly two months. In January, he revealed that he would be making his comeback, with him promptly crashing Twitch’s servers after returning to the site.

Thus far, Dr Disrespect has spent his comeback stream playing PUBG, the game most commonly associated with it. Known for his brash on-screen persona, his Twitch followers have been keen to reward his return, with him already receiving thousands of dollars in donations. Within the space of a minute, I watched as the streamer received both a $5,000 donation and a $1,400 donation.

This isn’t the first time that Twitch’s servers have caved under the weight of a major streamer’s viewership. When Tyler1 returned after being unbanned from League of Legends by its developer Riot Games, the site struggled to keep on top of the huge influx of viewers he received.

Watch Dr Disrespect’s stream below: