Subnautica Dev Fired Over Controversial Twitter Comments

A Subnautica developer has reportedly been fired over controversial comments he previously posted to Twitter, with the game’s sound designer Simon Chylinski tweeting that he has been ousted from his position at Unknown Worlds Entertainment.

Chylinski has come under fire recently after a number of recent comments he posted to Twitter were placed under the spotlight. The sound designer took to Twitter yesterday to post an update on his status with Unknown Worlds Entertainment, tweeting: “so. i just got fired.. :(”

Chylinski, who posts from the Twitter account @Sy1k1, came under fire as a result of a series of recent tweets he had posted to the site, which saw him accused of racism, sexism, and transphobia.

In one such tweet, posted in response to an article shared by InfoWars editor and conspiracy theorist Paul Joseph Watson discussing “Islamic no go zones,” Chylinski tweeted: “ppl arn’t blank slates that can be reprogrammed simply by being in a new country. importing random ppl from the 3rd world is also importing 3rd world tier crime rates and IQ. now u r dealing with 3rd world levels of dysfunction, condolences from Poland, but we tried to warn u.”

In another tweet, Chylinski wrote: “But street poo and rigid cast system in India didn’t come from the west. Their space program did tho.”

Sharing a screenshot of a survey asking readers which gender they most identified with, including ‘transgender male’ and ‘transgender female,’ Chylinski tweeted: “Helicopter. The attack kind.”

In another tweet, Chylinski wrote: “I was trolling. But now that I think about it, yes men will tend to do better. But black ppl tend to do better in running. So should we ban black ppl from competing against white ppl because of this?”

Chylinski’s comments were widely criticized online, with Unknown Worlds seemingly taking action against the sound designer before he became embroiled in further controversy.

We have reached out to Unknown Worlds and will update this story if we receive a response.