Fear The Wolves Is a Post-Apocalyptic Battle Royale by Ex-STALKER Developers

Publisher Focus Home Interactive and developer Vostok Games have announced Fear The Wolves, a post-apocalyptic style take on the Battle Royale game genre. It will be releasing on unspecified consoles and PC later this year.

Fear The Wolves was revealed at Focus Home Interactive’s annual press event, Le What’s Next de Focus. The game will pit 100 individual players in a last man standing battle royale which will take place in the desolate environments of radiation-ravaged Chernobyl.

What sets the game apart from other battle royale games like PUBG is that players will have additional threats to deal with, in the form of deadly anomalies and a dynamic weather system. A day and night cycle will require players to adapt to the situation and make the best out of the time of day. Players will need to scavenge for protective gear to survive and explore “dangerous off-limit zones.”

Vostok Games also mentioned “mutated creatures” lurking around the wastelands of Chernobyl but we have no idea of the role they will be playing in actual gameplay. Players will have an “original and intense game mode that will bring a fierce new twist on the genre” to look forward to.

Vostok Games was initially founded in 2012 by the former employees of GSC Game World, which was best known for the Cossacks and S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game franchises before they ultimately shut down. Their only game thus far was the free-to-play 2015 PC FPS Survarium, which still remains in Steam Early Access.

Fear The Wolves will be having an Early Access phase for the PC before its official release. The post-apocalyptic genre has always been what this developer does best and we hope that this game will bring back some of the STALKER goodness. For more information, visit the official website.