Dr Disrespect Called “Racist” for Making Fun of Chinese Players [Update]

Dr Disrespect has been branded a “racist” for mocking the Chinese language in his videos, with the popular Twitch user’s so-called “hybrid language” being criticized online.

Dr Disrespect, who recently made a return to Twitch after taking seven weeks off the site in order to focus on marital issues, had his behavior on Twitch brought into question by actor Jimmy Wong. Taking to Twitter, Wong tweeted: “[Dr Disrespect] clearly thought he crossed the line with cheating on his wife, but racism? Guess he finds that ok.”

Wong then shared a video compilation of Dr Disrespect imitating Asian players, with him putting on an accent and mocking their language by making a series of indecipherable noises:

Wong also shared three videos taken from Dr Disrespect’s Twitch streams. In one now-deleted video, he responds to a viewer’s request asking them to teach him his “hybrid language,” with him explaining how to affect the mock Chinese language.

In another, a viewer compiled a series of which in which he affects a Chinese accent, before using it to make fun of Chinese players in H1Z1:

Dr Disrespect previously covered addressed criticism of him mocking the Chinese language in a live stream (via ResetEra). “If I bring out my hybrid language, people are gonna call me racist,” he said. “Even though I had individuals and groups of individuals come up to me at PAX West, who were of Asian descent, asking the doctor to talk to them in Chinese.”

Dr Disrespect’s comeback earlier this week was a massive success for the streamer, with him attracting nearly 400,000 concurrent viewers and sending Twitch’s servers offline as a result. He has yet to respond to these latest criticisms.

Update: Dr Disrespect has now responded to the allegations of racism on stream. “I’ve got friends right now I could call right now who are multi-cultural, multi-racial… I love it. Mrs Assassin, my wife, multi-racial, lots of Filipino blood. Then you’ve got this idiot on Twitter, this desperate-for-attention, wannabe idiot. Trapped in a gated community, a private school if you will. Absolutely clueless. We don’t pay attention to those guys at all. If you read his Twitter feed, it’s laughable. It’s comedic. Please, don’t tell me that guy’s gonna be a politician, because he’ll blend right in with all of them.”