Rocket League Victory Crate Items: All Update 1.41 Rewards Revealed

If you need a boost of a very different kind, these Rocket League Victory Crate items… well, they won’t do much to help you fire your team to victory but you can look hella cool doing it. Read on for the full list of Victory Crate rewards from the Rocket League 1.41 update.

The number of Victory Crate of items – the latest in the litany of loot boxes available in the soccer car (soc-car?) game totals 17, and range from new wheels, decals, and, of course, hair-pullingly annoying goal celebrations. If you’re a fan of the Dominus, or a lover of cartoon styles, then you might want to take a look at this.

This list, taken from Reddit, is as follows, in order of rarity:


Merc: Athena (Decal)

Imperator DT5: Mosher (Decal)

Jager 619 RS: Mister Monsoon (Decal)

Marauder: XVIII (Decal)

Dominus: Funny Book (Decal)

Very Rare

Nipper (Wheels)

Luminous (Boost Trail)

Octane: Ripped Comic (Decal)


Werewolf (Body)

Tsunami Beam (Boost)

Toon Sketch (Boost)


Infinium (Wheels)

Balla-Carra (Wheels)

Black Market

Chameleon (Universal Decal)

Storm Watch (Universal Decal)

Trigon (Universal Decal)

Toon (Goal Explosion)

There you have it, 17 brand-new items for you to slap on your cars, hear spluttering from your exhaust or something that will make you think, for sure, will make you a better player. Nothing, I repeat nothing, will beat the dabbing ghost goal celebration, though.

This comes hot on the (w)heels of the Rocket League v 1.41 update (that has just gone live), which not only heralded in the beginning of the game’s Competitive Season 7, but also fixed a few irritating bugs, including party issues on the Nintendo Switch, and that annoying lens flare popping up on the main menu. The full list of patch notes can be found on the Rocket League site.