Injustice 2 1.16 Patch Notes: Here’s What’s Changed

Injustice 2 1.16 patch notes are crucial for getting the upper hand. Whether you just want to know whether Superman can outrun The Flash’s lightning-fast fists, or you’re heavily into the competitive scene, these details from the Injustice 2 February update could prove to be a hammer blow to any opponent who’s unlucky enough to cross your path.

It’s worth pointing out that these patch notes, all taken from the Injustice 2 subreddit are unofficial. NetherRealms has not released official 1.16 patch notes as of writing. This post will be updated with those as soon as they are released. Huge kudos must go to SMGxPrincess for putting this list together, having taken the information from the developer’s Twitch stream.

Injustice 2 Patch Notes February


  • Meter build nerf (does less damage & takes more damage)


  • Buff Jump 2 better hit box, cross up J2 easier
  • Ice Blast is faster (MB also)
  • B+1, 1, D+3 Now safe on block.


  • Air Drone (Character Power) has less recovery
  • Cyborg’s Air Drone now ground bounces on hit (even if they’re in the air). Also Ground Drone has less recovery as well.


  • Less damage (more damage scaling)
  • Back+3 is slower and less range
  • 1, Forward, 2 Overhead (Now negative on block)
  • Changed Catwoman’s 3, 3, B2 string so that the person doesn’t bounce into the air

Green Lantern

  • Combo damage scaling adjusted on 3 moves (more damage) Buff
  • Lantern Bomb – Regular is safe and MB is plus on block

Gorilla Grodd

  • Easier cancels – Back, back, forward, forward or flip stance button or 2+1+3 to cancel out
  • 2,2,3 (had 3 gaps now only gap in the 3rd hit – also safe on block)
  • Mind Control faster so it actually combos
  • Back+2 is neutral now instead of plus (nerf)

Poison Ivy

  • MB Forward, down, forward 2 (Plus on block but has a gap)
  • Down+1 improved (better hit box)
  • MB vine swing been adjusted (no gap until the last hit – cleaned up)
  • Ground Vines do significantly more damage


  • Buff her walk speed (faster)
  • Buff her Forward+2 (second hit does more damage & She can now grab on block or whiff)
  • She can now do Down+1 BGB


  • Down+1 is now 9 frames (slightly slower)
  • Walking lasers Character power now takes 1 bar of meter
  • 1,1,2 Block stun is slightly more negative
  • String Laser is no longer plus on block


  • Trident Scoop regular scoop now switches opponent Instead of pushing away (MB leads to a combo)
  • Down,Back, 1 (safe on block and easier to combo off of)

Black Adam

  • 3 more frames of recovery for character power (When not used in a combo)
  • Trait cancel frames were all changed to decrease pressure. Example: 113 Trait went from +27 to +11


  • Mercenary Elbow recovers faster


  • Raiden’s D1 connects into BGB
  • Shocker Character Power is now safe on block
  • 2,1, D+3 Push opponent away less on hit (can cancel for bigger damage)


  • Can now connect a BGB after a D1


TL;DR? If you’re a Hellboy main or like to cave in skulls with Catwoman then you might want to look elsewhere. Buffs to Sub-Zero, Gorilla Grodd and Poison Ivy make them much more viable alternatives if you wish to supercharge your playstyle. Or do as I do: spam Batman’s Batarangs. It. Never. Fails.