Attack on Titan 2 for the Switch Has 8-Player Local Multiplayer

Attack on Titan 2 will have 8-player local multiplayer on the Nintendo Switch, Koei Tecmo has confirmed.

The upcoming sequel, which will also be released on Xbox One, PS4, and PC, will allow up to 8 players on Switch to fight together as the Survey Corps, swooshing around and slashing those Titan napes with wild abandon.

A multiplayer highlight reel released by publisher Koei Tecmo showcased the game’s online multiplayer offering, which includes a two-player co-op story mode, a four-player scout missions mode, and an eight-player annihilation mode. This annihilation mode allows teams of four to battle it out against one another, taking down Titans in order to increase their score. The team with the highest score wins the game.

attack on titan 2 nintendo switch local multiplayer

In addition to Attack on Titan 2‘s online play, Switch owners can also link their consoles wirelessly and play the game’s multiplayer modes offline. This mode requires each player to have access to a Switch, though, so unless you’ve got a whole bunch of friends who own the console and also enjoy Attack on Titan, you’re probably not going to get a full team together.

Check out the Attack on Titan 2 multiplayer highlight trailer below: