Sony is “Exploring the Possibility” of PSN Name Changes

Sony is looking into allowing PSN members to change their PSN ID, a new survey reportedly released by the company has revealed.

According to an anonymous source reporting to Push Square, Sony has sent out an email to some users asking them if PSN ID changes are something they’d like to see rolled out in the future. The email allegedly states that Sony is “exploring the possibility” of making such an alteration to its service.

The email reads:

“PlayStation have been exploring the possibility of adding a feature to PSN that lets users change their ID. Before any of this though, they want to understand if gamers are interested in this feature or not.

Please remember the topic and contents of this survey for your eyes only and not to be shared with anyone else. We can’t be sure whether this feature will be added or not, but we can be sure your opinions on the matter will be heard.”

The survey reportedly adds that these alterations would allow players to change their PSN name multiple times for free, though only one name change could be rolled out every six months. Additionally, if players wanted to change their PSN ID back to an original handle, they would need to contact customer support.

Sony hasn’t confirmed that it is officially looking into PSN name changes, and we haven’t seen this email for ourselves to corroborate its authenticity. However, with name changes being one of the most-requested features on the PlayStation Network, it is hoped that this rumor is for real and that we can each finally change our cringe-inducing PS4 handles.