Hype Builds As Treyarch Is Confirmed to Be Making Call of Duty 2018

While it was always expected by fans of the franchise, it was nice to finally receive confirmation that Treyarch is the development studio behind this year’s Call of Duty. With rumors swirling about a possible Black Ops 4, the acknowledgement of Treyarch’s involvement has propelled the hype train forward ever further.

Activision President and COO Coddy Johnson mentioned Treyarch during yesterday’s earnings call, saying, “This fall, we plan to continue to exceed fans’ expectations with the new release from Activision’s Treyarch, the creators of Black Ops, the most successful sub-franchise in Call of Duty history, and we cannot wait to share more about that with you on future calls.”

black ops 4

Shortly after the announcement, various Treyarch developers celebrated across social media. You can find some examples below:

Activision CEO Eric Hirshberg is also reported as saying that he thinks “we have the best three-year slate in Call of Duty history coming up.” (via CharlieINTEL)

It looks like the developers are pretty eager to show players what they’ve been working on. Treyarch is one of the most-liked Call of Duty developers, so I’m sure many fans are excited to see this year’s game. Will it be Black Ops 4, or something else entirely?