It’s 2018 and There’s a New Mass Effect Andromeda Patch Available

Back in August of last year, BioWare announced that it would no longer be working on future patches for Mass Effect Andromeda‘s single-player or in-game story content. There would be no expansions, no additional weapons or characters, and no more bug fixes. That was it for single-player. The game’s multiplayer, however, has still seen some support, with occasional patches tweaking weapon balance.

The first (and hopefully not the last) Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer patch of 2018 has now been deployed. What does it do? Well, it balances weapons, again. Read the Mass Effect Andromeda patch notes highlights below:

  • Halberd:

    – Increased clip size from 12 to 18

    – Increased damage from 111-140 to 117-147
  • Thokin:

    – Increased clip size from 24 to 30

    – Increased total ammo capacity from 240-300 to 300-375
  • Charger:

    – Increased accuracy from 45-56 to 50-63

For the full list of Mass Effect Andromeda patch notes, and to keep an eye out for any other upcoming patches, click here.

What’s most curious about this Mass Effect Andromeda balance patch, is that all of the changes are buffs. There’s not a single nerf in sight! Hopefully this allows for more viable options in combat, with newly-enhanced weapons freshening things up a little.

And that’s it. It’s been almost two months since the previous update, and the time between patches is getting longer and longer. It’s likely that there’s only a handful of developers working on Andromeda content now, with BioWare definitely having bigger priorities, like the upcoming Anthem.

What do you make of this Mass Effect Andromeda patch? Happy to still see some level of support? Or does it simply not matter any more?