Prepare to Cry: Watch a Gamer Fail No-Hit Dark Souls Trilogy Perfect Run on the Final Boss

What’s your biggest gaming accomplishment? Maybe you completed a level of Cuphead without being hit? Or beat Super Mario Bros. 3 quicker than your neighbour? Felt good, right? If so, spare a thought for the_happy_hob. He tried to complete all three Dark Souls games without taking a single hit in a perfect run. He failed – in heartbreaking fashion.

Let’s set the scene: the_happy_hob had been plugging away at Dark Souls 1 through 3 for just shy of 10 hours. Not only had he reached the final boss of the third game, he had done so without being hit by a single enemy. And then… agony. In his words: “The greatest run of all time… the greatest choke of all time.”

As you can see from the Twitch clip (which is definitely NSFW), the No-Hit Dark Souls run looks to be heading towards a triumphant conclusion. He’s made it through to Dark Souls 3’s final boss Soul of Cinder. Without armor and already at low health after taking fall damage earlier in the run, he seems to be at ease, bobbing and weaving past every attack before suddenly being blasted by a bolt of energy coursing through the Soul of Cinder’s hands on its final form.

The screams tell the story, but it gets worse. _The_happy_hob reveals that, if he doesn’t complete the no-hit run within 10 tries, he has to bungee jump off a crane over a lake. Here’s the kicker: he’s afraid of heights. Uhh, good luck with that…?

You can watch the utterly incredible run in full here on Twitch. It’s full of fantastic feats, exploits and nerve-jangling moments. What he doesn’t know about the series’ secrets isn’t worth knowing. Just don’t mention the final boss, kay?