Metal Gear Survive Unable to Start Message Telling Players an Update is Required on Launch

Metal Gear Survive just launched, but players are still getting a message telling players the game is unable to start. To start the game, an update is required, but the problem is, the update just got pushed live and Metal Gear Survive is still displaying the same message.

As of midnight Metal Gear Survive on PS4 was still stuck on version 1.00. Players took to Twitter to express their displeasure at the botched launch. An update finally hit PSN for Metal Gear Survive at around 1:15 AM EST, but even after the 3 GB download the game continues to give the same annoying message.

One rumored fix for the “Update is Required” bug is to delete and reinstall the game. However, I’ve tried that and it doesn’t work. As of right now the current version of the game is 1.01. However the version confirmed to be up and running in Japan is version 1.02. It also appears that the Xbox One version of the game is currently at 1.02 and it’s servers are up as well.

For now, PS4 players in North America will have to hold tight and wait for another update. Neither the Konami nor the Metal Gear official Twitter have put out any message concerning the issues with the Metal Gear Survive launch on PS4 as of writing. We don’t have any estimate as to when the next update will go out or the servers will be live. Unfortunately, as the game has already received criticism, this poor release will only justify some fans dismissal of the title.