New Overwatch Hero Mistakenly Leaked by Japanese Twitter Account

Following yesterday’s big tease, we already had an inkling that the new Overwatch hero would be Brigitte Lindholm. Now, thanks to an accidental tweet made by the Japanese Overwatch Twitter account, the Brigitte Overwatch hero theory is essentially confirmed.

Attaching images to a tweet can be difficult. Sometimes the image is too large, either in resolution or in actual memory size. At other times, you can select the wrong image format, and Twitter just “nopes” out of it, leaving you rejected. And finally, there’s the weird instances where you’ll accidentally copy the file location and paste that, instead of the actual image… Yeah, I’ve never actually done that, but it’s a thing, as proven by the social media gurus manning the Japanese Overwatch Twitter account.

Overwatch Japan Twitter Leaks Hero 27 Brigitte

The accidental tweet was quickly deleted and replaced with an actual image, but the internet is the internet, and so of course people still saw it and chose to screenshot it.

Here’s the original tweet, as captured by fogmoon on Reddit:

Brigitte Overwatch

And here’s the corrected tweet, with the teaser image that we’re now very familiar with:

That’s quite the mistake to make! However, now the entire internet is talking about Brigitte, and Overwatch is enjoying the hype that a new hero brings. In fact, that makes me think that this could be an ingenious marketing tactic, to “accidentally” leak the info and get people talking…

Paranoia aside, I’m looking forward to getting a new Overwatch hero to master. Brigitte should be interesting enough, and I’m enjoying Blizzard’s push for more story development.

Do you want Overwatch hero 27 to be Brigitte? Or someone else entirely? Let us know.