Metal Gear Survive to Get Rescue Mission Co-Op DLC

Metal Gear Survive is getting co-op DLC allowing players to team up in squads to rescue soldiers and fight off hordes of the living undead. In a press release, Konami revealed details of the co-op DLC  — slated for a March release and titled Rescue Mission — where “to be successful, players will need to embrace a whole new level of cooperation and team spirit as they coordinate with their squads to rescue soldiers in need of help.”

As well as the co-op DLC,  Metal Gear Survive is getting new Daily Missions and a Weekly Mission.

The Weekly Mission (which is live as of right now and runs until February 27 at 11:59pm PST/03:00am EST/08:00am GMT) is set in Fallen Village, with a specific set of parameters to spice up your (zombie-killing) life. The conditions are as follows:

[Fallen Village] NORMAL Battle Conditions : Marksman Death (Damage inflicted by long-range attacks increases) / Death Blow (Damage inflicted on weak points increases.) / Fortified (Damage inflicted on enemies decreases).

The Daily Missions, whose locations seem to come from My First Horror Game, are nearly over, but it’s worth checking out the final mission, Deserted Mine before it finishes at 11:59pm GMT.

While you need to be quick to complete the last remaining Daily Mission and Weekly Mission, there’s plenty to look forward to with Metal Gear Survive’s co-op DLC. The game seems ready-made to jump onto the multiplayer bandwagon in a big way (Zombies? Check. Ok, we’re done here.) and it’s the best possible way to forge ahead and generate a long-lasting lifespan for the game rather than solely trying to divert attention from those just shrugging their shoulders upon the game’s release.