Stardew Valley Dev ConcernedApe Reveals Next Game is in the Works

Stardew Valley developer Eric Barone, aka ConcernedApe, is celebrating the game’s second anniversary. Despite its early 2016 release date, Stardew Valley will still feel fresh to a lot of players, due to the constant post-launch support, and recent Nintendo Switch port. Working mostly as a one-man indie team, Eric Barone has put in a hell of lot of time to create the addictive farming sim. With Stardew Valley multiplayer now in its “serious QA phase,” thanks to the additional help of Chucklefish developer Tom Coxon, there’s even more for players to look forward to. Stardew Valley continues to evolve!

However, Stardew Valley multiplayer isn’t all Eric Barone has up his sleeve. Tweeting about the game’s second anniversary on Twitter, he thanked players, and also mentioned his “next (secret) game” being “in the works.”

Here’s the mysterious tweet:

What are we supposed to make of that? Not much, I guess! Barone is known for teasing fans with a screenshot or two, but nope, he’s given us nothing this time around. I’m sure we’ll learn more about the next ConcernedApe game, once Barone is good and ready. With how game-changing Stardew Valley became, I’m excited to learn more about the new project. What do you want to see next from Eric Barone? Something similar to Stardew Valley? Or should he explore other genres? Let me know.