Chrono Trigger is Available on Steam, iOS and Android Versions Receive Major Updated

Chrono Trigger Limited Edition hit Steam today to the surprise of everyone. A PC version of the game hadn’t been previously announced, so we were shocked to see it pop up. However, Chrono Trigger Limited Edition has a catch. Unlike most “limited” editions, this one is only available for a short time. After that, the regular edition will take its place and lack the bonuses included with the Chrono Trigger Limited Edition.

The Chrono Trigger Limited Edition brings a bunch of extras not seen with the original SNES version as well. The Dimensional Vortex and Lost Sanctum dungeons from the Nintendo DS release will be included. There’s also extra art and music included. You’ll get five songs specially edited for this release: “Chrono Trigger,” “Corridors of Time,” “Battle with Magus,” “Wind Scene,” and “Far Off Promise.” There will be six wallpapers included as well. I don’t usually get excited about PC wallpapers being included with a game, but Akira Toriyama’s artwork is always worthy of my desktop.

According to the description this version of Chrono Trigger will have “optimized visuals designed for modern PCs,” and a re-recorded soundtrack. Hopefully, there will also be an option to use the original soundtrack as well. Chrono Trigger Limited Edition also features controller and mouse/keyboard support, and an autosave function in addition to the standard save points.

In conjunction with the release of Chrono Trigger Limited Edition, the mobile versions for iOS and Android are getting an update that adds the PC enhancements. The game, in addition to the Apple App Store and Google Play Store, will now be sold on the Amazon App Store for people who prefer that vendor.

Another significant addition to the title is Apple TV support. So, if you own the title on iOS, you’ll be able to play it on your Apple TV starting today.

I feel like Chrono Trigger Limited Edition for PC is likely a port of the mobile version, which received some criticism upon its release. Hopefully, this major update will smooth out some of the issues players had previously. In any case, it can’t be as bad as the Final Fantasy Anthology version of the game released on PS1.

If you’re planning on picking up Chrono Trigger for PC, you better hurry. The limited edition will only be available on Steam until April 2, 2018.